AAB Project: 2nd SC meeting in Lamia

2nd SC meeting was held on Lamia (Greece) on 11th  of September 2020. There were not attended all projects partners due to the epidemiological situation. To those partners who didn’t manage to attend meeting were being given the ability to participate remotely. Thus, while KCZIA (Poland – coordinator) were been represented by Krzysztof Karkowski (president) and Dorotka Karkowska, ECAN (Great Britain) from Nishaharan Vaithilingam,

ZAT (Bulgaria) from Zornitsa Sergeeva Staneva, Ivana Petrova Tsvetkova and Miglena Avramova Molhova-Vladova, LabSTEM (Greece) from Ioannis Dimos and Anastasia Samara, partners who participated remotely were Carmen Sonia Duse and Dan Maniu Duse from ULBS (Romania), Leticia Rodeño  from MC2020 (Spain) and Nicolae – Cristian Timofticiuc from EuroEd (Romania).

Actually, this was a blended type of meeting that came to fulfill new challenges arised from Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Meeting—Part A

The meeting was opened by Ioannis Dimos (LabSTEM) and Krzysztof Karkowski (KCZIA). Then, short presentations of partners work during the period of the kickoff meeting followed. Basically, partners worked on IO1 output. Prof. Carmen Duse summarized what was done so far.

E-Learning Courses —Part B

Meeting continued on the 2nd part which was devoted for e-learning courses preparation. Mr.Karkowski gave hints and shared the work between partners. SC members must soon decide about the tools will be used for material preparation!

Moreover, partners expressed their concern about the pilot training. Pandemic situation does not leave space for second thoughts; if covid-19 is still there, pilot training should be organized online. Extra attention must also be paid on tools should be used for online training.

Conclusions —Part C

This was the first blended style meeting.  Four (4) partners participated traditionally while three (3) online. It was quite optimistic that despite the difficult conditions, team spirit remains on a high enough level. Partners used technology capabilities in a best way and managed to create a good climate.

Closing, everybody expressed their hope for an opportunity to meet in Sibiu, Romania in February 2021.

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