LabSTEM organised the learning material testing phase, on Friday 2nd of September 2022 at Kamena Vourla. During the meeting, LabSTEM representative mr.Ioannis Dimos presented the learning material to the participants. The list of lessons is seen below:

  • Lesson#1: Logical Thinking
  • Lesson#2: Algorithmic Thinking
  • Lesson#3: Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Lesson#4: Patterns & Generalization
  • Lesson#5: Abstraction
  • Lesson#6: Modeling
  • Lesson#7: Evaluating a Solution
  • Lesson#8: Case Study: Locked in Syndrome

The training participated 16 adult refugees trainers. All of the participants are staff of the SolidarityNow NGO ( that is supporting refugee training. All of them are quite experienced in intercultural education and we actually received extremely important feedback as far as the training material is concerned.

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