Erasmus+ Projects

LabSTEM has already been involved in four Erasmus+ KA2 Projects , in which the key persons work hard to create significant project results and intellectual outputs, mainly on Digital competencies, Anti-Bullying issues, Mentoring in Leadership, Computational Thinking, and Intercultural Adult trainers support. In less than three years after its founding, our organization started dynamically to work and implement successful EU projects.

Areas of activity : LabSTEM cooperates with research organizations and all kinds of legal organizations having a common interest in the design, research, development, evaluation, promotion, and implementation of innovation actions, such as Schools, Educational Directorates, Universities, Educational Institutes, Cultural Associations and Local Municipalities.

Need Help?

If your organization is planning to participate in a KA2 project, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced staff is eager to support you:

  • with the  project proposal preparation
  • finding a consortium to participate
  • prepare the budget

LabSTEM is currently undertaking several Erasmus+ Key Action 2 projects. Scroll down to check out our amazing projects!

Our Projects

Art against Bullying


Model of the mentoring between the local community leaders


Algorithmic Thinking for migrant teachers education


Computational Thinking for online education


Partners we have successfully been working with

Our Erasmus+ projects news

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